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Widget Logic - a Wordpress plugin

Nothing for you here - I'm just putting up some code here in public until I can get it hosted on

Widget Logic very first version.

[From the readme.txt]

Make all sidebar widgets conditional. Widget Logic lets you add wp 'conditional tags' logic to all registered widgets - eg "is_home()" or "is_category(5) || is_single()" - all from the usual widget admin interface.

== Description ==
This plugin gives every widget (even widget's lacking controls) an extra control called "Widget logic".

This text field allows you to specify any wp conditional tags logic to set when the widget appears. Use any standard Conditional Tags ( and even combine them.

== Installation ==

1. Upload `widget-logic.php` to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
3. That's it. All the configuring is in the usual widget admin interface.
mr spook

I must have missed that bit

"All in all, Rowan Williams seems a more deserving target for mass protests this weekend. Say what you will about Scientologists, but at least they haven't come out against the emancipation of women and equality before the law"

Nick Cohen

I have been wondering why everyone was getting upset. I guess it was because Rowan Williams must have said "I think the emancipation of women and equality before the law is a bad thing".


even as early as the 2nd para, this seems to suggest that perhaps, just perhaps, Nick Cohen might have got the wrong end of the stick.

the twat

Xmo Overdose and what is left

Quality Street (1 tin, 1 orange octagon left)
Turkey (4.5kg, 2 rounds of sammich left)
Battlestar Galactica (20 eps, ie series 1 & 7 eps series 2, rest to watch next week)
Slobbin about playin wit son and heir (loads, loads left)
o rly

culture unjammed, expectations lowering

i finished my book, cos the last 2 chapters were a real bore, so i moved on this morning to listening to the Black Kids EP and the Burial album.

Black Kids, okish fun, rly like one track. it's Go Team shoutiness feel and old-fashioned synth-line indie.

Burial. Not all that too, which i was kind of expecting from the 'ambient 2-step' descriptions. it reminds me of loads of early/mid and late 90s ambient gubbins that's out of fashion (but NOT portishead as Tom suggests). closest i can grasp at at the mo is that early ecstasy of st theresa/seefeel even BoC

when i'm done with that i'll have another stab at britney which i liked more, but still wasn't overawed with the way a lot of ppl seem to have been.
mr spook

culture jamming

no not stoopid DYS poster 'subvertising'

i mean my culture gets jammed - i can't listen to new music, read my books, read newspapers, watch telly, do crosswords, EVERYTHING. and sometimes i get stuck on one track.

right now i am BOOK READING, and haven't listened to anything since i bought the Britney. don't even know what's out.

sometimes i will spend all my time doing the guardian cryptic crossword and not take in the actual NEWS.

telly is all rubbish. i'm not even listening to pop radio, despite a resolution to do more of that.


is it cos i's old? (ans: almost defintely so)