Alan Trewartha (jauntyalan) wrote,
Alan Trewartha

00-09 a less hairy decade

00 - new year 99/00 in Egypt lovely, year goes badly tho. depression, split, move out of Queen's Park
01 - Meet ILXors IRL and go to a Club Sussed (late on)
02 - First date w Emma
03 - Moved in to lovely rented North Ken flat with Emma
04 - NW bliss it would seem
05 - Leave ILX (mostly). move into also lovely BOUGHT garden flat in leafy Harlesden
06 - Marry Emma
07 - Harry born
08 - Late of the Pier are awesome
09 - Theo born, imminent move to our new HOUSE (which is of course going to be lovely) in Zone 8

a big decade, with the only non-change being my work. but i'm sure there's loads of things i've forgotten. it's certainly been a great, if more sedate, decade.

the 90s was drinking and raving and drucqks, all with long hair
the 00s was marrying and kids and happy, all with short hair, and less by the day it seems.

hur hur randomly this
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