mr spook

00-09 a less hairy decade

00 - new year 99/00 in Egypt lovely, year goes badly tho. depression, split, move out of Queen's Park
01 - Meet ILXors IRL and go to a Club Sussed (late on)
02 - First date w Emma
03 - Moved in to lovely rented North Ken flat with Emma
04 - NW bliss it would seem
05 - Leave ILX (mostly). move into also lovely BOUGHT garden flat in leafy Harlesden
06 - Marry Emma
07 - Harry born
08 - Late of the Pier are awesome
09 - Theo born, imminent move to our new HOUSE (which is of course going to be lovely) in Zone 8

a big decade, with the only non-change being my work. but i'm sure there's loads of things i've forgotten. it's certainly been a great, if more sedate, decade.

the 90s was drinking and raving and drucqks, all with long hair
the 00s was marrying and kids and happy, all with short hair, and less by the day it seems.

hur hur randomly this
mr spook

wii are back

got a nu wii courtest of cheap deal at sainsbos. natch i took the old one to pieces for fun. so many little screws! so much thermal paste! all our old data is in there somwhere wah. fortunately i saved my mii into a controller. but the virtual console games i saved onto an SD card won't go on to 'this console' so i guess it's keyed to the hardware BAH.

have to get a 2nd motion+ to play some of the smart sports resorts games against jauntyemma

i played me some MARIO KARTS again. i done got golds on most of the 50cc grand prix already. soon will be ready to TAKE ON VER WORLD again.


- Playing Girl Talk on my mac at work. lolz
- Harry in his growed up pyjamas!
- Lots of funny podcasts (C&H, Bugle, Ad&Jo, Perfect 10)
- LOST ready at home to watch
- Cold almost gone - it's at that fun stage
- Mostly skived all week at werk
- Fever Ray album is good
- "Songs Alan Should Listen To" Spotify experiment not total failure. Not heard Anthony Hamilton before, will listen some more
- Today I finish first book i've read in months (not that it's any good, but still YAY)
– Must get moar ppl round our gaf for fud
– Holiday in June booked (yay for jauntyemma)
– My WordPress plugin is more popular than ever
mr spook

Back on the book readin waggon - and... so lollardy!

My brain has recently turned to book readin mush. The last 2 books i bought were aages ago and I abandoned both - one was a worthy but boring biog of polymathic Thomas Young, and the other a mildly (for him) annoying William Vollman book on the copernican revolution.

so anyway yesterday i hauled in

the last being my '3 for 2' freebie, honest! (i also re-bought "Darwin's Dangerous Idea" - the tombstone of a hardback i originally had was left behind during one move or another.)

munching through the maths one now. nom nom brane books! at last.

(that 'Hollow Earth' subtitle in full: The Long and Curious History of Imagining Strange Lands, Fantastical Creatures, Advanced Civilizations and Marvelous Machines Below the Earth's Surface)

(emma is poorly btw ppl)
mr spook

Words AND Pictures

That Film. We've seen the faithful visuals - the worst thing that can happen is that the dialogue is equally faithful.

'Purple' is one thing on the page, written in the mid 80s when there was nothing better around, and OK YES it sort of suits the portentous story and pompous characters - but on screen, i don't know. rereading the damn thing i was struck that the dialogue just doesn't go 1:1 on to tv/film dialogue. it's not going to, it would test really badly with all but the people who have it memorised already.

hi - i'm on LJ. and just wanted to post the pic above